Machine equipments

Peeling and Reeling machines:


IESHP is specialized in supplying of integrated lines for peeling, reeling, cut-to length, chamfering, quality certification and final packaging of bars.

All lines will be supplied inclusive of main mechanical equipment, handling, auxiliary system, electrical and automation control system.

Each line is fully assembled, cold and hot tested in our Italian workshop before the final delivery. This to fully guarantee the supply of working solutions.

Peeling machines with high performance in terms of bar quality (tolerance, triangularity, surface roughness) and productivity. Optimized design allows a simple and reduced maintenance.

We’ve a longstanding cooperation with the Italian Company MAIR-RESEARCH

Grinding & Polishing Machines:


Centerless Grinders machines are designed and manufactured in Romania from the ground up to provide optimum quality, efficiency, and reliability. The heavily ribbed mechanize castings are combined with the standard outboard supports for both the grinding and regulating wheel spindles to ensure maximum rigidity and stability.

Add to that, the hydrostatic type spindles, the automatic lube system, and a wide variety of available grinding accessories, and you have one very versatile, reliable, and efficient center less grinder.

Induction Hardening :


The hardening is made mainly for conferring a protection of the surface against mechanical strokes or blows. After hardening the external surface, before chrome plating, can achieve the following hardness according to the different steel grades:  

  • CK45 ab. 58+/-3 HRC
  • 20MnV6 ab. 45+/-3 HRC
  • 38MnVS6 ab. 57 +/-3 HRC
  • 42CrMo4+QT ab. 59 +/-3 HRC.

The hardening depth depends on the outside diameter or what the final end-user is asking but can vary from 0,5 mm up to 3,3 mm.

The hardening operation is generally recommended after the first rough grinding pass using an high frequency complete line.

Skiving & Roller Burnishing Machines :


Machines engineered specifically to perform skiving and roller burnishing operations deliver precise roundness tolerances and quality surface finishes. (Article From: Modern Machine Shop, Derek Korn, Senior Editor)

The machines are designed to use combination skiving/roller burnishing tools to produce geometrically round holes with quality surface finishes for hydraulic cylinders.

Roller burnishing creates a mirror-like surface finish as smooth as Ra 0.05 micron.

For a hydraulic cylinder to operate effectively, the cylinder’s ID must be precisely round and have a mirror-like surface finish to ensure a tight seal between it and the mating internal piston. This is commonly achieved through skiving and subsequent roller burnishing inside a tubular work-piece. Skiving uses a set of three carbide blades positioned around the diameter of a tool to slice away chips and create a geometrically round bore.

Roller burnishing, a cold-working process, uses multiple rollers to compress the peaks of material left behind after skiving to generate an extremely smooth surface finish. Burnishing also introduces a residual stress layer into the cylinder wall, which improves cylinder fatigue life.

These operations are sometimes performed in one pass using a combination skiving/roller burnishing tool on a BTA-style deep-hole drilling machine. However we can supply a machines, tools and automation for deep hole-making applications, has recently designed machines engineered specifically to perform skiving and roller burnishing operations, noting increasing demand in the hydraulics market for such equipment. We’re using a single tool for both operations, achieving roundness tolerances of IT-8 and bore surface finishes as smooth as Ra 0.05 to 0.15 micron in one setup and one tool pass.

  • Work-holding

    The tubes used for hydraulic cylinders are generally Cold Drawn welded (DOM) or Seamless. Care must be taken to secure the tube rigidly enough for the skiving and roller burnishing processes, but not so tightly as to deform it. Therefore, clamping cones are typically used to hold the tubes on both ends instead of three-jaw chucks.

    This clamping method also facilitates quick workpiece changeovers in automated environments. In addition, extra support must be provided along the length of the tube due to the inherently high length-to-diameter ratio of these workpieces.

  • Power Train

    Thin cuts are taken during skiving. A skiving blade’s radial engagement with the workpiece might be just 3 mm and feeds might be 1 mm per revolution, per blade. However, each tool has two or three skiving blades, which multiples the effective feed rate. Similarly, the cold-working roller burnishing process requires a lot of torque and high spindle speed as it plasticizes and compresses the peaks that skiving leaves behind. As a result a more robust power train with higher horsepower motors and faster spindle speeds than conventional BTA drilling machines.

  • Rotary Union

    A hydraulic circuit inside the skiving and roller burnishing tool expands the skiving blades and burnishing rollers during cutting operations. Therefore, the machine has a rotary union at one end of the tool headstock to provide a hydraulic connection throughout the length of the rotating tool. Once the cutting pass is completed, the blades and rollers are retracted into the tool as it is removed from the tube.
    The tool continues to rotate as it is removed, but nylon guides on the tool and continuous coolant delivery prevent damage to the cylinder wall.
    The machines are available in skiving/burnishing diameters ranging from 40,00 to 250 mm inside and lengths up to 12 m (larger machines are available upon request).

  • Size range:

    Type  A  From. 40,00 mm up to 120 mm  Inside bore
    Type  B  From. 80,00 mm up to 200 mm  Inside bore

We can provide along with the machine all the Skiving & Roller Burnishing Tools enable to produce the most popular sizes of Hydraulic Cylinder Tubes SRB in Tolerance ISO-H8 with ID Roughness Ra=0,12my max.
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