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Continuous Chrome Plating line:

Here follow the main differences between Traditional Plating and the new technology of Continuous Plating Line.

Traditional Chrome Plating �

Traditional Chrome Plating

The conventional horizontal Rack Plating or the vertical Dip Plating, which are the most common plating technologies adopted in the Hard Chrome Plating field around the world, can be described as a step-by-step batch treatment requiring considerable human intervention. In the conventional plating methods, the chromium plating operation takes place on stationary bars; the dipping rack carrying the bars deep into the bath, horizontally or vertically, for a period of time.

The bars are mechanically and electrically fixed to the rack which is connected to the cathode. The anodes are placed on the long side of the tank, there is no way to create an electric field concentric to the bars and this leads to thickness variations in the chromium overlay. In Conventional Plating, especially when the chromium-plated bars are pulled out from the tanks, a big deal of harmful fumes escapes into the working rooms. Labor as well as the risks from human exposition to hazardous substances are the most relevant problems related to this technology, not mentioning the problems related to Current Distribution and consequently uneven thickness on the work piece.


Continuous Chroming Line

Continuous Chroming Line

The Continuous Plating process is an innovative but well tested method for the production of high quality chrome plated bars and tubes for pistons rod and linear shaft. In the continuous chrome plating process, the grinded bars to be plated run longitudinally through a plating device one after the other continuously.

The Continuous Chrome Plating is an evolution of the traditional galvanic Chromium Plating in terms of management, productivity and efficiency. The grinded bars, depending on size, are moving at different speeds according to the chrome layer we desire to achieve.

The continuous chrome plating process is able to put a multiple-chrome-layer, depending on the number of chrome tanks in line, with the result of increasing the corrosion resistance.

The Continuous chromium plating process is done with many circular anodes, and the bar advances through the anodes, so that a completely homogeneous chrome layer is guaranteed.


NO environment pollution

In the Continuos Chromium Plating Lines the baths are closed the vapors are continuously collected and treated with both dry and wet scrubbers. There’s NO pollution on the environment or is practically reduced to zero. There is no risk of leaks of Chromic Acid, all tanks are made in Titanium

NO solid wastes

There’re only some solid wastes resulting from the process. The mud generated from the treatment of the waters is very small and easy to collect and dispose one a year.

LESS chromium solution volume

Our Continuous Plating Lines requires a low chromium solution volume (approx. one tenth of the conventional bath plating system) we’ve installed an automatic refilling of the Chroming Solution for each thank to ensure that the chemical content is controlled and in the right percentage of Chrome to ensure a constant plating performance both in terms of quality of the product and constant efficiency of the line.

PERFECT chrome layer

Our continuous chroming line is able to achieve a constant multi-layer chrome over the full length of the bar, automatic monitoring of the characteristics of the chromium bath guarantees the chromium layer is completely homogeneous. "Multi-Layer Chrome Plating Technology", through higher number of chrome layers, grants a guarantee that overlapping substrates create a perfect barrier between the base steel and the external agents. Another advantage is given by the perfectly circular anodes (used in the Continuous Chroming process). Due to this circularity a completely homogeneous and concentric chrome overlay is guaranteed all around, eliminating the need for additional grinding steps.

SAVING ENERGY Less power installed

Our Continuous chroming line require less power installed compared to the traditional Chroming plants process, this technology helps to save energy. Our technology demands about 30% less electrical power than conventional plating.

Chrome solution mixer

Chrome solution mixer

Other Machine equipment:

To produce inside your plant the right chroming solution instead of buying from the well known multinational companies in the market this mixer all made in Titanium is the right choice that will save you a lot of money .

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