What we offer

We can provide all the assistance and all the knowledge you do need for the followings machine equipments and we’re selling:

  • Peeling & Reeling machines

  • Centerless Grinding machines complete with loading and Unloading benches

  • Continuous Chroming Line

  • Skiving and Roller Burnishing machine or Honing machine

  • Any other machine equipment and tooling related to the Hydraulic Component production

  • Webbing Slings

  • Hydraulic Seals and tailor made seals

  • Gadget and promotional articles

IESHP can provide a ‘turn key plant’ for producing Hard Chrome Plated Bars and Tubes or a tailor made solution for Nickel-Chrome piston rods or any other component.

We can also develop tailor made solutions for the automotive industry for plating any kind of components from plastic to steel parts any other alloy or micro-alloy steel.

We can supply: Peeling and Reeling machines, Grinding Machines, Induction Hardening Machines, Continuous Chrome Plating Lines, Polishing Machines, Packaging and Cutting Machines. Furthermore for processing the Cold Drawn Tubes inside as Skiving and Roller Burnishing or Honing we can supply the complete machine including the tooling.

IESHP can supply all the machine equipment you need to produce in-house the two main components for producing Hydraulic or Pneumatic Cylinders, Chrome Plated Round Bars & Hydraulic Cylinder Tubes

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